KickStarter: Complete Career Change Program


My friend Karen Gurney just launched a new KickStarter campaign. She has dedicated her life to helping others obtain career success, and created Career IQ.

She’s trying to raise $5,000 to create a new solution to the “Applicant Tracking System” that is in place today where job seekers fail to be matched with employers.

The automated system prevents qualified people from getting through. Her new program is instructional by nature and is designed to help support any career change. What do you think? Do you think she will get funded? Have you ever created a KickStarter Campaign? Would a product like this interest you? Do you have any advice for her?

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Can’t Compete with the 1%? Retire elsewhere and join their 1%

I was thinking the other day about what it means to be the 1% after all the 1% is based on American household incomes. The 1% in other countries such as Mexico, or Thailand is certainly different than the one here. Sure there are still multi-billionaires in every country but your US dollar buys you more in many developing nations. You could retire in another countries 1% and live the life of luxury.

In fact Many people have plans to retire away from where they are currently living and working. Some people already have vacation homes that they plan on moving to full time after they retire. Some people know exactly where they want to go, maybe some place they love to visit or where their family lives.

Still others have intentions to move, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Moving over long distances at any point in your life can be a big decision, one that can have a major impact on your future. This is even truer for entering retirement where your resources will be more limited and you have to concern yourself more with lifestyle needs like health care and transportation.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Seek lower costs” – There are plenty of areas around the U.S. that have lower costs of living. Obviously, depending on where you live now, the difference in cost could be very extreme. Picking an area that has lower cost of living overall (especially if you are looking to buy a home), can have a major impact on lowering your retirement expenses.
  • “Look for somewhere safe”  - Of course this one seems obvious but theres more to safety than simply the crime rate. Look for somewhere that will protect your interests, somewhere that wants well off people to retire there. Somewhere that has a stable economy, that will not have high inflation, somewhere where taxes are low especially on your investments (whatever those may be). Look for somewhere where your retirement property will not lose value.
  • “Look for great amenities” – You should look for a place that will allow you to stay active and productive in your retirement. When looking for a new place to live, make sure to keep the available amenities in mind. Whether is it an all-inclusive community, or the availability of amenities within short walking or driving distance.
  • Health care options are essential” – Healthcare will become more important as you age. You don’t want to retire to an area where the closest medical center or hospital is too far away for convenience. Also, make sure the available options that are close at hand are quality, with good doctors and technology at hand.
  • Calculate the tax impact” – Taxes can have a big negative impact on your retirement income, and it’s unfortunate that many people do not take the time to consider this impact before entering retirement. If you are looking to move to a new state, keep in mind the impact of the state taxes before you move.There is a wide variety of tax rates to choose from state by state, so don’t lose sight of how it will affect you and your potential move.
  • Aim for proximity to family and friends” – We’ve heard plenty of unfortunate stories of people who move to a location far from family and friends only to be unhappy there. Maybe it was to a place they loved vacationing to or a place they always dreamed of living. But it can get very lonely, and this can be especially true if you have kids and grandkids. In the long run, it’s important to consider how living near family and friends can positively impact your life.
  • Consider the political, religious and social climate” – This may not even be something you would think about during a move. There are plenty of areas around the country that are more highly charged than others politically, religiously, or socially. If you have a particular leaning, you may want to consider what views others in the community have. Otherwise, it may become difficult to make new friends with like-minded views.
  • Job opportunities” – If you are looking to work for at least some of your retirement years, as more and more people today are planning, make sure you look for a place that provides you with job opportunities. Otherwise, your plans to go back to work may not come to fruition, straining your retirement income.
  • Transportation options” – While driving yourself around may not be an issue now or for years to come, there may come a point where you no longer can drive yourself. Consider looking into what public transportation options are available where you are looking to move for future use.
  • Better weather” – This is often the reason people will give for wanting to move, especially if they live somewhere with extreme temperatures. But you have to do your research! Temperature can vary wildly by state and by season, and some people may not consider the extremes. If you are moving from Wisconsin and bitterly cold winters, you’ll probably love Florida’s winter temperatures. You may not love the summer temperature though! While nowhere is going to have your perfect weather, you have to decide what is most important to you and what kind of extremes you can tolerate.
  • Test it out first” – We’ve discussed this here before. When making a big move, you never want to jump into buying a house right away. You should always look into renting for a time to make sure that you really love where you’ve chosen. That way, if you find out six months down the road you haven’t chosen the right location, you are in a much better position to fix the issue than if you are tied down into homeownership.

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Thinking Differently

Thinking differently should be a goal that everyone strives for, but most people choose not to. I wish I could cite statistics for that claim, but one only needs to look around them to see that everyone follows a very similar track.

Entrepreneurs have to follow a different track in order to be successful. Successful entrepreneurs are not successful by accident. Even if an idea is accidentally successful, an entrepreneur can kill it with mis-management.

People like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t end up where they are by thinking like everyone else. They saw a problem, they had different philosophies and they fixed it. What drives thinking differently?

1. Be Discontent

Most people can identify a problem or inefficiency, but they often carry on because it’s “not their job” to occupy their time with it.Discontentment entails identifying a problem, and disliking it so much that you choose to occupy your time with it.

I’m not talking about obsessing, but rather feeling a duty to fix the problem because you know that few others will. Sergey Brin and Larry Page (founders of Google) were discontent with the methods of internet search that were available, so they fixed it.

2. Question the ordinary

Going along with discontentment is questioning the norm. Why is this inefficient process (or whatever the subject is) considered acceptable? Don’t be afraid to ask ‘why?’ Again, people can identify a problem, but few seem to care about asking why. Others are afraid of asking ‘why?’ because they might lose their job.

If a company is willing to fire me because I’m willing to question an inefficient process, then I’m not the right fit for that company.There is no room for sacred cows in business, and if you can’t bring yourself to question it, you’re a part of the problem.

Henry Ford saw potential for vehicles that were powered my machinery and not horses. He questioned the ordinary, the norm, and he eventually succeeded fantastically. This is thinking differently.

3. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills

All the time, I hear people make huge mountains out of mole hills (more like ant hills). Some use it to martyr themselves, others use it to occupy their time, but they all have one thing in common: it wastes my time.

Thinking differently doesn’t mean to bellyache and complain about the littlest thing. I try to consider a situation and ask myself “how much will this moment matter in 10 years?” If I laugh or scoff, then I know it is too little to care about.

Be discontent, but don’t waste your time complaining about ridiculous things that won’t matter. There is a difference between:

  • Noticing a huge productivity inefficiency that could cost millions, and taking action.
  • Complaining for hours and stewing over the new requirement of adding a cover page to your reports.

4. Take Action

Finally, thinking differently requires taking action. Sitting idly and complaining about the circumstances is par for the course for your average person- taking action is thinking differently.

The most successful products and services are fueled by discontentment, and someone having a strong enough spine to take action.

  • Google – Fueled by the desire for a better search engine.
  • Facebook – Fueled by the need to connect more people and open up information.
  • Ford – Horses couldn’t cut it anymore, customers just didn’t know it yet.

Success is found in thinking differently. If it helps, think of it as supply and demand. Would you pay more for someone who thinks differently, or for someone who thinks like millions of others do?

If a lot of people disagree with you, or you have a lot of doubters, that is a rough sign that you’re probably thinking differently. Do you think differently? What works for you?

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What is VidCommx

I friend of mine is starting a new business.

It’s by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! He told me that there are primarily two ways to get paid by the company.

You can be paid as a Publisher. You get paid per unique view of the video emails sent by you.

The other way is as an Affiliate. You get paid unto 50 % for direct sales of the product packages and unto $5000/day or more for building teams.

Which sounds pretty good right? It hasn’t launched yet but I’m excited to try it out!

He describes it as

New MLM business, it will start: august 7.
This is the first video email service provider where you can make money just for using the product, When You send email to someone and he read the email and views the advertisement you will get paid as your email carry advertisement of different companies.”

You can check it out here:

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